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New Pianotrios for Young Players

I just finished the second book of Piano Trios for Young Players, no 6 to 10. No 10 is an arrangement for piano, violin and cello of the famous Dutch song of the composer Pieter Goemans ‘Aan de Amsterdamse grachten.’The level is intermediate, after one or two years of practise the instrumentalist should be able to play them.

Componist Pieter Goemans aan een Amsterdamse gracht

Composer Pieter Goemans at an Amsterdam canal

Arrangement 'Aan de Amsterdamse grachten' partly

Arrangement ‘Aan de Amsterdamse grachten’ part

Five Piano Trios for Young Players (2015)

These are separate parts for violin and cello of my Book: Five Piano Trios for Young Players(2015). They can be downloaded and printed for free. To obtain the piano part & score, please order a copy at my website, or at:
It costs €15. In near future Five Piano Trios for Young Players can also be ordered at the Suzuki Shop in the Netherlands:

Pianotrio nr 2 audio (by young players ;-))

Five Piano Trios for Young Players no 1-Violin-26-3-2015
Five Piano Trios for Young Players no 1-Cello-26-3-2015
Five Piano Trios for Young Players no 2-Violin-26-3-2015
Five Piano Trios for Young Players no 2-Cello-26-3-2015
Five Piano Trios for Young Players no 3-Violin-26-3-2015
Five Piano Trios for Young Players no 3-Cello-26-3-2015
Five Piano Trios for Young Players no 4-Violin-26-3-2015
Five Piano Trios for Young Players no 4-Cello-26-3-2015
Five Piano Trios for Young Players no 5-Violin-26-3-2015
Five Piano Trios for Young Players no 5-Cello-26-3-2015

The purpose of this book is to give beginning musicians more opportunities for playing together. Beginning piano players usually have few chances for being in an ensemble. This is unfortunate, for playing together is such fun, almost like playing in a pop band. I hope this book will contribute to the formation of many trio ensembles with all kind of mixes of young and adult players, so that they can experience the joy of performing together. In the near future I hope to add to this collection of trios. Please email me to tell me about your experiences with this book, and maybe order a follow-up collection.

These trios should be playable for any student with between one and two years of playing experience.

My ambition was to write music that is neither difficult to memorize nor hard to perform. But my main aim was to create pieces that are
attractive to play, expressed in a modern musical language and with a clear musical line. An old Dutch expression applies to this music:
“Een kind kan de was doen” (“a child can do the laundry”), or, it is child’s play. Indeed, these pieces are intended for everyone with a
playful spirit, including parents who would like to perform together with their children. When you play together, you really have to listen to your musical friends … and to yourself. Trio music is a three-part unity, all voices speaking to and through each other, at the same time creating a whole and making you feel connected.

The book contains the music for all three of the voices, but it is convenient to have separate sheets for the violin and cello voices available. These can be downloaded and printed from my website: As a rightful owner of the book, I herewith grant you permission for printing this copyrighted material.

Amsterdam, March 2015

Five Piano Trios for Young Players no 1 Violin part

Five Piano Trios for Young Players no 1 Violin part

Waves for six hands one piano

New piece for three pianists on on piano (six hands). Written for child students, with a nod to composer Simeon ten Holt.
A sort of Canto Ostinato ‘light’ ;-)
This is a digital version, so don’t expect subtile changes in dynamics ..

Waves 2015 first two pages

Waves (digital version)

Waves can be ordered at Matching Arts:
Matching Arts

The Great Wave at Kanagawa/Katsushika Hokusai

The Great Wave at Kanagawa/Katsushika Hokusai

New pianotrio for flute, cello & piano

Today I finished the first part of a new trio for flute, cello and piano.
You can hear the beginning in the example below. It is written for advanced students.

Vandaag heb ik het eerste deel van een nieuw pianotrio afgemaakt: dit keer voor fluit, cello en piano. Het is geschreven voor gevorderde studenten. Hierbij alvast een voorproefje (helaas met digitale instrumenten).Pianotrio voor fluit, cello & piano

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Kerstliedjes/Christmas songs

Een aantal kerstliedjes om in de vakantie te spelen! Bewerking van eigen hand.
Just a few Christmas songs to play during Christmas holiday!
Also good for note reading.
1.Het is geboren het Goddelijk Kind
2.Er is een kindeke
3.Stille nacht duet
4.The first Nowell
4.The first Nowell Nederlands
A la ru-ru-ru Ned.easy
Er is een kindeke
Jingle Bells
Jingle Bells duet
Kling klokje klingelingeling
Kling klokje klingelingeling anders
Middenin de winternacht
O dennenboom