List of works published by Donemus, Matching Arts, Alfred UK, Broekmans & Van Poppel and own edition (Binnenkant Muziek).

(This page is still under construction.)


2023 Intercity vijf handen voor de Dag van de Componist

2022 Plyve Kacha

2022 Prokofiev arrangement ‘Romance’

2021 When Bach met Lavignac and Smetana, long long ago

2021 Diverse stukken voor blokfluit ensemble: Madley, Song for six recorders, Song from the East, With a twist, Suzuki Book 1 arrangementen

2021 Twaalf dansen voor piano vier handen (ook improvisatie)

2020 Corona for tenorsax & piano

2019  ‘Groovy Prelude’ for piano solo has been published by Edition Matching Arts: Henry Kelder is playing it here:

2018 Berceuse pour ceux qui ne veulent pas dormir/Edition Matching Arts

2017 Route 65 This piece (with a wink to Dave Brubeck) for clarinet and piano I wrote for Jan on the occasion of his retirement from the CWI and ILLC. Clarinet: Michel Marang. Piano: Heleen Verleur

Hier hoor je het stuk op Youtube

Bestellen bij Donemus

2017 Los Mozos de Monleon for voice and piano/H.Verleur/Donemus 2017 (partially)

2017 Mind your step for flute, bassoon & piano/Heleen Verleur/Donemus

2017 ‘Mind Your Step’ by Thomas Dulfer (bassoon), Egbert Jan Louwerse (flute) and Henry Kelder (piano) and all players using their feet to stamp on the ground

2017 Pianodieren for three pianists at one piano (or 15 pianists) H.Verleur/Donemus 2017 Youtube (part)

2017 Twelve for viola/H.Verleur/Donemus 2017 (part)

Alfred UK: all my Piano Trios for Young Players
Webshop Alfred UK (after you have found the website via the link, point out my name in the search box)

If you need a book, you can also send me a mail: with the book you would like to order.
Also a lot of books I published myself, like the piano duets ‘Onderweg’ and ‘Pianodieren’, as many Piano Trios I wrote after the first two book published with Alfred. In near future there will more be published at Alfred, Donemus and Matching Arts.
I’m still working on this page, with prices and how you can obtain the books.

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