Jacqueline voorheen Frederique

Vandaag, 9 juli 2020, een supermooi concert gehoord van pianiste Jacqueline Voorheen Frederique in de Mozes en Aäronkerk. Jacqueline speelde werken van Bach afgewisseld met moderne composities van Calliope Tsoupaki, Kate Moore, Claudia Rumondor en Lorre Trytten. Ik mocht zelf Bach prelude no 18 in gis spelen, en mijn – voor Jacqueline gecomponeerde- Groovy Prelude. (https://bit.ly/2ObSr8Q) Wat is het toch een goed bedachte formule, Bach afgewisseld met modern! De zaal zat zo vol als in Corona-tijd maar mag. Het publiek was enthousiast. Er zat zelfs nog iemand ‘de artiesten’ te tekenen. Wat lief dat ook nog vrienden en bekenden langskwamen: Jan, Julia, Henriette, Roos, Marion. Ik voelde me dankbaar. Ook leuk om na afloop nog even componiste Kate Moore en Chiel Meijering te spreken. Gedurende de zomer is er elke donderdag om 12.15 zo’n prachtig concert door Jacqueline voorheen Frederique in de Mozes en Aäronkerk. Na afloop vrijwillige bijdrage.

Jacqueline voorheen Frederique

Teaching piano in Italy

Today I had a very nice experience teaching two students in Italy (by Zoom). The first student lived in Bologna, the next in Piemonte. This event has been organized by the European Suzuki Association by Marco Messina, a very enthousiastic teacher in Italy. It is called: Suzuki Lesson Link Up. In Messina’s words:

“A day when students can have a ‘distant’ lesson with a teacher from another country. The idea behind it, is to demonstrate the great ability of the Suzuki Method to connect people united by a single project and who speak te same Suzuki language. The lesson will naturally focus on a positive approach that aims to achive a positive experience and maybe a first contact of friendship that remains until teachers and students can meet at a future workshop or convention.”

And on Sunday 5th of July I taught a boy living near Rome. Among many pieces he played ‘A Short Story’ and some exam pieces has has to study. We practised with the metronome, and after that we did some improvisation exercises which he liked very much. His mother wanted me to come to visit Italy. I could stay with in their house. This only after half een hour of teaching. Music is connecting, that’s for sure.

Teaching a book 3 child
Teaching a book 2 child and her father
Lesson 5th of July 2020