Support for Children of Mexico

Before summer holiday up to now, my students and me worked together on several compositions for a book. The book is meant to be published at least before Christmas. The proceeds from the book (with deduction of the costs) will all go to the wonderful foundation ‘Children of Mexico’. Henning Zorn, chairman of Children of Mexico, is alos the father of two of my students (Alán and Nora Zorn). I know their project is 100 percent safe and all proceeds will be truely spent on the projects.

The compositions in the book will be ascending in difficulty, because the youngest participant is 4 years old and one of the oldest about 74. They can be played and practised by children and adults. The pieces have an average level, the easiest can be played after only one year of lessons. Some pieces have a secondo part (composed by Heleen) so that they can be played together, as a duet.

Mexican embroidery

Mexican embroidery

Read more about ‘What Children of Mexico do’ or click the video link below:

What Children of Mexico do
Video Youtube Children of Mexico

I will soon publish more about the costs and what will be the date of publication. Of course there will be a book presentation where you can buy the book. The book will contribute to much musical pleasure, ánd a better life for Mexican children.

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  1. Lieve Heleen,

    hartelijk dank voor je steun aan Children of Mexico. Wij zullen er inderdaad voor zorgen dat de opbrengst terecht komt bij de meest kwetsbare groep kinderen van Mexico en hen de kans heeft om naar school te gaan en zo een betekenisvolle toekomst op te bouwen.

    Hartelijk Dank

    namens Children of Mexico
    Henning Zorn

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