Review on ‘Piano Animals’

Really nice to read this review from grand old lady Nadia Lasserson:

Donemus/Piano Animals for four hands and six hands by Heleen Verleur
Heleen Verleur, based in The Netherlands, is well-known for her chamber music and ensemble pieces for young pianists . Her Piano trios have already been reviewed in Piano Journal and I had the privilege of sharing a workshop with her last year and hearing several of her Trios performed by young school children. Heleen Verleur certainly understands the elementary stages of piano study and these piano ensemble pieces are no exception. The five pieces were commissioned by the 2017 Groninger Piano Festival and the composer states that they are “intended for everyone with a playful spirit, independent of age”.
“Monkeys”, “Wild Pigs”, “Whales”, “Giraffes” and “The horse of uncle Loeks” all depict the various characteristics of each title offering young people huge fun in learning these quirky pieces and the composer is well aware of maintaining childrens’ interests by making both parts equally interesting ,relevant.and melodious. The pieces can be performed separately or all linked together into a longer work. The same music is also arranged for 6 hands on one piano which offers even greater musical fun in the preparation of these charming pieces for concert performance.
Nadia Lasseron/Piano Magazine
Piano Animals has been published at Donemus, for 4 hands and 6 hands: Donemus Webshop

You can hear the book on Youtube: Piano Animals on Youtube

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