Ugandan Dance for piano

This duet dance for piano I wrote for the foundation ‘Music for Children’, inspired by Ugandan music. The foundation helps orphan children in Uganda and Colombia to get shelter and music lessons. If you like the piece, you can order it by sending me a personal message. It costs 5 euro and this amount will be tranferred to Music for Children. The children are hungry now, because of Corona there are less shelters and there is little food. You can help them when you buy my piece! By the way: the piece can be practised after a few years of piano lessons. It is not very hard, and in the middle there is space to improvise. It will become the 13th dance of my book: ‘Dances’ with a rondo, a dance a al Dave Brubeck, a tango, a boogie-woogie, a gnossienne, a wooden shoe dance, an Egyptian Mummy dance, a bourree, a sarabande, a tarantella, a Spanish dance and a minuet.

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