Keuris Componisten Concours 2014: how it went..

And short review of Jan van Eijck: “It was a splendid concert, full of freshness and musicality. In the end the winner of the contest was Aspasia Nasopoulou, a Greek composer living in the Netherlands, with a beautiful meditative piece.

According to the ensemble pieces: it was a very very close competition, for jury and public were also very favourably impressed by Heleen’s piece for flute, bassoon, piano and stamping feet, which is playful, full of rhythmic and melodic surprises, and, according to the performers, was a lot of fun to play.

Heleen’s piece will be performed again soon on June 21 by an ensemble including Helma van den Brink, bassoon player of the Concertgebouw orchestra, who also asked Heleen to write another piece. So no first prize, but still a very memorable and successful evening.”

Mind Your Step by Thomas Dulfer (bassoon), Egbert Jan Louwerse (flute) and Henry Kelder (piano) and all players using their feet to stamp on the ground

Winning composer Aspasia Nasopoulou
Winning composer Aspasia Nasopoulou

Extract from composition Aspasia Nasopoulou

Thomas Dulfer - bassoon
Thomas Dulfer (bassoon): during the rehearsal
Egbert Jan Louwerse (flute) with Henry Kelder (piano)
Egbert Jan Louwerse (flute) with Henry Kelder (piano): during the rehearsal
Dinner with the composers and musicians
Dinner with the composers and musicians

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