Even more Piano Trios for Young Players books (book 3)

These trios are all written by Heleen Verleur for piano, violin and cello.
Three books with cd included can be ordered at Alfred Music UK and Alfred Music USA. I will give the links to both webshops on the page below. Alfred now is also working on a digital version of the books.

Foreign Lands

Playing Tag

Milonga for three

Djibouti Spring

Village Dance

More (digital) Trios

Fire Breather


ps als je mooie geluidsvoorbeelden van de trio’s wilt horen, kun je beter naar Piano Trios for Young Players book 1 (1 – 5) luisteren, of Piano Trios for Young Players book 2 (6 – 10).
De onderstaande trio’s zijn allemaal digitaal ingespeeld, meer bedoeld voor profs of anderen die er doorheen kunnen luisteren.
De meer recente trio’s worden binnenkort professioneel opgenomen, uitgegeven en op deze website gepubliceerd.

More (digital) Trios

Horse Ride

Snake Charmer

Even more (digital) Trios
Trio no 1 Japanese Fireflies

Trio no 2 The Hurdy-Gurdy

Trio no 4 Cats

Trio no 5 Windmill

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Alfred Music UK: https://www.alfred-music.co.uk/shop/catalogsearch/result/?cat=0&q=Piano+Trios+for+Young+Players

Alfred Music USA: https://www.alfred.com/search/products/?query=Piano+Trios+for+Young+Players

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